Mike Davis
Fire Operations Division Chief

Michael Davis began his fire service career in the rural communities of Placer County in 1984.  He has held many positions within the fire service, serving in ranks from entry level Firefighter; all the way to Fire Chief.  In 2004 Chief Davis came to the City of Lincoln as an Operations Chief with the Fire Department.  He has served as Interim Fire Chief for the City of Lincoln on two separate occasions spanning more than five years.



Kurt Snyder
Fire Chief

Kurt Snyder is the Fire Chief for the City of Rocklin Fire Department and the City of Lincoln Fire Department.

Chief Snyder has been with the Rocklin Fire Department since 1997, previously serving as Battalion Chief with a total of 30 years of fire service. Chief Snyder also served as the Fire Chief for The Foresthill Fire Protection District for 9 years and brings that experience to this appointment.

With the help of a conscientious City Council and dedicated City Manager, public safety continues to be a priority in the City of Rocklin and Lincoln.