Parks & Recreation FAQs


Will the water play areas be turned on this year?

Unfortunately, due to water conservation efforts and the continuing Drought Emergency, the water play areas will not be open during the 2015 year. 

Who decides whether or not the water play areas are turned on or off?

City Staff made a recommendation to the elected City Council, and the City Council considered and adopted a resolution to close the water play areas. 

How much water will be saved by turning off the water play areas this year?

The City’s Irrigation Specialists have estimated that the community will conserve 12,450,000 gallons of water by not turning on the water play areas this year.  That amount would fill a swimming pool the size of a football field to a depth of 30 feet. 

Is the water in the water play areas recycled?

No, the water in the water play areas is drinking water, and it is not recycled – it runs to waste drains. 

What other alternatives were considered to conserve water?

The City has taken many actions to conserve water and meet the Governor of California’s and Placer County Water Agency’s emergency water conservation requests.  Click here to see a chart that lists the City’s conservation efforts.

Are bicycles allowed on sidewalks?

Section 21100 CVC (California Vehicle Code) authorizes local authorities to enact certain restrictions with regards to the operation of bicycles, amongst others.  Currently the City of Rocklin has not adopted a Municipal Code which restricts bicyclists on a sidewalk.  This explanation only applies to the City of Rocklin as any local agency may enact such a law.  For further information, please refer to the above listed section and section 21202 CVC, Operation on a roadway.

Are bicycles permitted in City parks?

Yes, except in posted locations.

Are there athletic or fitness programs for adults?

The City offers a wide variety of recreational sports programs for adults. Follow the Adult Sports link for more detailed information. 

Adult Sports

Can I take my dog into a park (on or off leash)?

Yes, dogs are allowed in all parks on leash. Owners are required to clean-up after their dogs (please carry a plastic bag to dispose of your dog’s mess).

Rocklin’s off-leash dog park is located at Johnson-Springview Park. It includes separate sections for small and large dogs as well as special needs dogs. Check out for more information. 

I want to report drugs in the park.

Contact the Police Department at (916) 625-5400.

I want to report too much trash in a park.

To report trash, send an email via Access Rocklin. Make sure to include a description of the problem and park location.

Please remove graffiti from the park.

To have graffiti removed from the park, send an email via Access Rocklin.

Tell me about athletic or fitness programs for children.

The City offers a wide variety of recreational sports programs for children. Visit Youth Sports for more detailed information. 

Tell me about recreation programs for children.

The City of Rocklin offers a variety of classes and programs for children.