New Operator Chosen for Quarry Park Adventures


The Rocklin City Council approved Adventure Operations, LLC, an affiliate of Bonsai Design, LLC, as the new operator of Quarry Park Adventures at the March 12 City Council meeting. Bonsai Design built Quarry Park Adventures so the company is familiar with the Park and with the City.

The contract requires Adventure Operations and the City split revenues 50-50 and for the park to be open seven days a week. The terms also include $300,000 in startup costs and additional money to be set aside in a reimbursable contingency fund.  Previously sold pre-paid tickets, season passes and gift cards will be honored.

The contract includes a three-year partnership and a 120-day termination option, allowing flexibility to the City so it can ensure Quarry Park Adventures meets its potential. An opening date for the park will be announced when it is finalized.

Quarry Park Adventures is an important part of Rocklin’s future and the City is committed to its success. The City is eager to reopen the park this spring.

Read the contract here.

Future updates about Quarry Park Adventures can be found at and People can also contact the City of Rocklin with additional adventure park questions by email at or by phone at (916) 625-5243.