Streets & Drains


Public Services is committed to maintaining Rocklin’s streets and stormdrains in order to keep our city safe.

Street Maintenance

pothole In keeping with the high quality of living in Rocklin, Public Services strives to keep every street in good riding condition, drainage, and appearance. 

Over time, the stress of weather and traffic creates cracks, potholes, and other weaknesses in the pavement. The City performs an inventory of the entire road network on a rotating basis to determine where maintenance is needed.

Street maintenance utilizes several methods to address these problems depending on the severity of the road condition, including crack sealing, base repair, patching, and resurfacing.

To see current and upcoming street maintenance projects, check out our current projects page.

Stormdrain Maintenance

storm drain The Public Services Department is responsible for all stormdrain maintenance in the City of Rocklin including:

  • Pipe cleaning and replacement
  • Catch basin cleaning & repair
  • Ditch cleaning and regrading
  • Inlet/outlet stabilization
  • Easement maintenance
  • Detention pond maintenance